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When it comes to salmon fishing in the Pacific Northwest, it’s the Columbia River that produces the most for sports anglers. And, of the three major runs of salmon returning to the Columbia, it’s the fall run that can number a million strong and draw anglers from around the globe to share in the bounty. At the Columbia River mouth, often referred to as “Buoy 10”, you can catch a limit of hard-fighting salmon fresh from the Pacific Ocean. The season runs from August and September. 


Our New Boat Has Everything You Need To Get Out Into The Best Fishing Areas In Oregon!


Our boat seats 6 passengers comfortably. It is state of the art and has the power to get into some of the most pronounced fishing areas in the pacific northwest. Your seating is spacious, allowing you to move and stay comfortable while you catch fish.



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I have been fishing my whole life. I offer the very best boat guided fishing trips in Portland, Oregon, specializing in salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon. Fishing the NW has been a family tradition for generations. I have learned from the best and I strive to be the best. Let's go on a trip!